We work hard to live these values every day in our interactions with our clients and our vast network of language services and branding partners.

  • Honesty, respect, and trust
  • Clear two-way, open, communication
  • Personal accountability
  • Flexibility and teamwork
  • Highest levels of integrity

And most importantly, we focus on creating strong partnerships across the value chain to deliver high quality work. Clients and/or partners who prefer a low cost, transactional, and vendor-focused relationship may not appreciate our approach.

We draw on a select team of professional linguists, marketers, brand specialists world-wide and ensure we create the perfect match for every project. 

We have personally worked with many of our professionals for more than ten years creating a deep relationship based on seeing them as partners versus vendors.


clients (US, EUROPE, ASIA)

about us


Bernard J. Putz,(Ph.D., M.A., MBA.), is COO and leads the
brand analysis and copy writing/editing services. He has worked on numerous marketing and brand improvement projects. This included working as a co-lead and then interim brand manager for the launch of a new brand experience and product across 5 regions and 27 countries for a Fortune 50 corporation.

He is an expert in organization behavior and culture, psychology, and has worked with both multi-national and mid-size businesses as a performance improvement and leadership consultant.

He also accountable for Peritus' quality management system, ISO re-certifications and continued virtualization of the business. 

He is an adjunct professor of organizational psychology and also an author with several business books. He holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, MA with emphasis on Organization Development and MBA with an emphasis on marketing.

His latest creative endeavor is a virtual reality adventure story that teaches world history ("The Ancients: A Game") More information about his creative side can be found at www.bernardjputz.com.

We have confidentiality agreements with many of our clients and therefore cannot share their names.
We can, however, say we have worked with leading companies in the following areas :
Corporate communications  ●  Biomedical  ●  Marketing and branding  ●  Legal  ●  Architectural  ●  High tech  ●  Construction  ●  Energy

our core values

peritus -a -um [Latin: experienced , skillful, practiced, expert]; adv. perite.

Peritus Precision Translations, Inc. founded in 1996 has helped clients address their most important language services and brand analysis needs for almost 20 years.

Capture the essence is not just the words.
Translation is more than looking up words in a dictionary, or having a computer do the work, a translator has to fully understand the original text linguistically, contextually, and culturally, maybe even trans-create. That's why you need the right human translator supported by technology.

Address the risks that may hinder operationalizing your brand story
It is critical that whatever is produced resonates culturally with target audiences. Understanding perceptions across cultures is critical. We help you analyze the potential impact.

Caring project management - Implementation that delivers
Projects are more than just following up on tasks.  It requires someone who communicates honestly, listens empathetically, truly understands your objectives and the service level you need.  Someone you can trust. 

Dagmar Dolatschko (M.A., M.B.A.) is CEO at Peritus and leads the Translations and Trans-Creation Services. She is a native of Germany and a certified translator by the Bavarian Ministry for Education and Culture. She also studied Comparative Literature at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. Prior to starting Peritus, she held positions in import, export, and worldwide marketing. Her unique skills combine a hands-on knowledge of language services with practical experience in international business.

She has founded, co-founded, and served as president and on the boards of international business associations (among others, co-founder of GABA, the German American Business Association) and has shared her expertise as a featured speaker at numerous international trade and translation-related seminars. She recently served as treasurer on to the board of the Northern California Translator Association for seven years.

When she's not busy with linguistic endeavors, she follows her many other passions in music, photography, travel, skiing and water sports with her family. You may increasingly find her working from Europe part of the year.