Peritus works exclusively with a select group of professional translators and language experts, marketers, and branding experts.

This means that the professionals we are looking for should be native speakers of the target language/market, have an education in a translation-related field, marketing/branding or substantial experience working as a translator, marketer and have in-depth knowledge in specific industry sectors.

The following check list shows some of the factors we look at before we begin working with a new translator or interpreter:

  • University Degree in languages/linguistics/translation
  • Documented and proven work experience
  • Accreditation by the American Translators Association (ATA)
  • Accreditation by an overseas institution comparable to the ATA
  • Certification from a reputable foreign language institution and governmental bodies
  • Accreditation from international institutions such as the United Nations
  • Court Certification (for legal translators & interpreters)
  • References

When a translator works on his/her first project for Peritus, we always have the translation edited by one of our senior translators. This senior translator provides us with a written review of the quality of the translation. Based on this evaluation, reference check, and the new translator's overall professionalism and work style, we decide whether to continue to work with the translator and include them in our network.If you meet the above criteria and would like to work with Peritus please send us the following:

Email/Cover Letter that includes

  • Language(s) translated from and to
  • Areas of expertise (e.g., legal, biomedical) 
  • 3 references that can evaluate your language skills



San Francisco:  +1.650.394.4724 (USA-Pacific Standard Time)

Munich: +49 (0) 151 613 80511

Fax:  +1.650.745.1083 (USA)

Email:  dagmar @
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