• cultural concepts,
  • different tastes,
  • humor,
  • local examples,
  • connecting with your audience

 All can become lost if you:

  • use an inexperienced  translator, or
  • stick only to translation instead of trans-creation

 That's why we say the

 human touch is critical.

global brand analysis services

Our goal is simple: help make sure your brand name, logo, content marketing material works in different cultural contexts

Brand Name Analysis

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
This is the perfect service level if you are evaluating dozens of names and want to eliminate potential bloopers. 
This level of analysis goes a little deeper. The linguists are asked to rate the word (1-10) in respect to several key variables.
This level of analysis goes even further. Linguists are asked to rate the name and how well it connotes the brand message and attributes in a different cultural context.

Slogan Analysis

Does the slogan suggest any cultural risks regarding possible negative or positive associations, connotations, or meanings. Potential risks if translated or transliterated.

Logo Analysis
Does the logo's shape, colors, image present any potential cultural risks regarding offensiveness, religious or sexual connotations, etc.

Content Marketing & Video Analysis

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
This is the perfect service level if you want to have a quick review of DRAFT videos and content marketing material to highlight any potential cultural risk factors before you go into full production.
This level of analysis goes deeper in that it includes Level 1, but also asks linguists to determine if the video or content marketing material reinforces the brand message and attributes.

This level is no longer an analysis, but is

  • an actual translation/trans-creation of video scripts, subtitling, or
  • translation/trans-creation of content marketing material. 

See Peritus translations/trans-creation services.