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After 30 years of working with leaders, there is one task all senior leaders need to do

Challenge and help your people grow...so you can grow together. I have seen this over and over again....instead of

1) laying out a clear vision and describing a leadership philosophy,

2) establishing clear guardrails,

3) setting clear performance and behavioral expectations,

4) coaching in the moment to drive accountability, and

5) creating a trusting environment where people speak honestly and openly as a team....

Many leaders often

a) just do the work themselves ("just to get it done"),

b) get too involved in solving problems for their people, or

c) don't create an environment of two-way coaching.

Maybe leaders need to think of themselves more as coaches, educators, and listeners creating a learning environment to help their organization reach its full potential. #leadership #strategy #motivation #growth

Contributed by Bernard J. Putz, Ph.D.,

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