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In times of crisis - inspiration and hope

Maybe, just maybe … / Es könnte sein ...

Original German text by Tanja Draxler, Austria;

Translated into English by Dagmar Dolatschko

Maybe, ships will lie idle onshore in Italy’s harbors for quite some time ...

Yet maybe, it means that dolphins and other marine life can return home to their natural habitats. We are already seeing dolphins in Italy’s harbors, fish swim again in the waterways of Venice!

Maybe, people feel locked up in their houses and apartments, …

Yet maybe, it means that they will sing together again, help each other, and discover the feeling of community that for many was lost for a long time. I am deeply touched by the fact that people are singing together!

Maybe the ban on air travel means people feel deprived of their right to move about freely and it means occupational hardship for many, …

Yet maybe it also means that our earth can once again take a deep breath, the sky has reverted to its natural color, children in China can see an unpolluted blue sky for the first time in their lives! Look at the sky today and see how peaceful, endless and blue it has become!

Maybe, closing kindergartens and schools is a tremendous burden on parents, …

Yet maybe, it is an opportunity for many children to finally find creativity on their own, to become more independent, and slow down. And parents have a chance to get to know their kids on a completely different level.

Maybe, our economy will suffer tremendous losses, …

Yet maybe, we will recognize, what is really important in our lives. Maybe we will discover that continuous economic growth is not the way to happiness and only the absurd creation of our consumer society. We have become puppets of the economy. It was high time to find out how little we really need to live.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed by all that’s going on, …

Yet maybe you feel that in this crisis lies the opportunity for much overdue change,

- That lets the earth breathe a sigh of relief,

- Teaches children values that have almost been forgotten,

- Slows down our overly busy, often over-hyped society,

- Brings about a whole new form of togetherness,

- Reduces the garbage piles for at least the next few weeks,

- And shows us that the earth is ready to regenerate, if we are able to be considerate and give her room to do so.

- And shows us that the earth is ready to regenerate if we are able to be considerate and give her room to do so.

This crisis is a wake-up call because we were not able to do this ourselves. This is about our future. It’s about our children’s future!

Author: Tanja Draxler: https://www.tanjadraxler.com/blog/es-koennte-sein/

Translation German-English: Dagmar Dolatschko (www.peritusls.com)

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