• Dagmar Dolatschko

Proud to be a Certified California Green Business

Green again! Peritus Precision Translations, Inc. Announces Certification by City of Santa Cruz Green Business Program

Certification Shows Company's Commitment to Sustainable Environmental Practices

Certificate from the City with reclaimed wood frame
Certificate from the City with reclaimed wood frame

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. -- Peritus Precision Translations, Inc., a boutique, high-end California-based foreign language translation, transcription, and transcreation company, announced today that it has been recognized as a Certified California Green Business by the City of Santa Cruz’ Green Business Program

"Being a Certified California Green Business is more than ensuring that we ourselves follow environmentally sustainable practices. We hope it will help to encourage sustainable-mindedness in others as well," said Dagmar Dolatschko, president and founder of Peritus Precision Translations. "Since we relocated to Santa Cruz, I wanted to get us certified again. Peritus was one of the first green certified businesses when we had our office in Redwood City in 2008. I wanted to reclaim this status here in Santa Cruz."

Peritus Precision Translations began the certification process in March 2020. To be certified, the company had to adhere to a checklist of green practices to conserve resources and prevent pollution. “Being green is so much easier today than in 2008. Our business is virtual now and our carbon footprint minimal. I believe it is even more important nowadays to develop a sustainable mindset which also extends to fair labor practices and economic viability”, says the founder.  

Being a Certified Green Business connects Peritus Precision Translations with thousands of businesses and public agencies that are motivated to conserve resources, prevent pollution, and minimize waste. More information about the Green Business Program can be found at https://greenbusinessca.org

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