• cultural concepts,
  • different tastes,
  • humor,
  • local examples,
  • connecting with your audience

 All can become lost if you:

  • use an inexperienced translator, or
  • stick only to translation instead of trans-creation

 That's why we say the

 human touch is critical.

language services

Our goal is simple: help you meet your project objectives

 Through the following services:

  • Translation of any type of document - legal, content marketing, advertising/marketing, architectural drawings, CAD files, bio-medical, websites, video, and other media
  • Trans-creation of content - any time you want to evoke feelings, create an experience. Something written about the same topic, using same structure, some of the facts, but adapted and localized to culture.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) - multilingual keyword research, metadata optimization, translation of pay-per-click, long tail keyword validation
  • Foreign language transcription 
  • Linguistic quality assurance
  • Localization consulting
  • Graphic and desktop publishing services

The human touch is critical since good communication is both an art and a science - 500 professionally trained linguists - 100 languages

Like a good artist, a good translator/transcreator:

  • Can hear the voice of the customer, the users, the audience
  • Captures the author's intentions to convey the essence of the material
  • Aims the text specifically at the target audience and accounts for different cultural backgrounds
  • Translates accurately to convey the exact meaning
  • Ensures the translated material captures cultural nuances, yet recreates them so they are understandable and appropriate for the target culture

Like a good scientist, a good translator needs to have:

  • An understanding of specific project requirements
  • A mastery of the language at a "native level"
  • Experience in the subject matter, be it legal texts, biology, chemistry, software localization, or literary translation
  • A systematic and rigorous process that ensures precision, quality, and consistency

Drawing on the skills of professional linguists, who are both artists and scientists Peritus offers the full range of translation services from translation, edit, proof, graphic design for documents and interactive media.