What makes the experience with a language service company "the best"? Quality, service, and price have become terms everyone espouses. Beyond these over-used cliches is something else, something not easily copied...

The human touch

The relationship between a customer and a partner

For more than eighteen years quality service has been Peritus Precision Translations' key value. This helped build Peritus into a premier foreign language company working in over 100 languages with 100's of clients. 

Today, we are working with only a select number of clients and partners around the world who truly value...

        • Consultative advice and dialogue not just an impersonal interaction
        • Human insight and wisdom not only a machine interaction
        • Realistic quality, timelines and prices not overnight for next to nothing
        • A valued relationship with a partner not just a transaction with a vendor

Our clients say it best... "Peritus is large enough to service all your global language needs, but small enough to stay personally accountable and flexible."

ISO 9001-2008 Certified

 By maintaining ISO 9001-2008 certification, Peritus shows its dedication to continuous improvement, excellent service, and customer satisfaction